Keeping it majorly minimal today. Also, if you haven’t realized, a great pair of shoes & a statement quality bag goes far.

Double trouble on a daily basis.

I sense a pattern here. A maxi kinda day, for a chill out Sunday.

Me, myself & I.

Took a long walk about the ddp - Dongdaemun Design Plaza - and we were greeted with queer, unique design elements, including this chair that looks like its made up of table legs pretending to be icicles.

Ok yes. First purchase in #busan — amazing amazing clutch / pouch from local brand #Bomgom. They’ve got so many other items on their online store that weren’t at the pop up at Shinsegae department store 😢

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

— Gautama Buddha

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